Laser Engraving

Blackwater Farms Woodworking and Design now offers laser engraving!

We can do basically any design you would like on cutting boards and charcuterie boards. Handwritten recipes, drawings, or other artwork can be permanently saved onto wood and makes for the perfect thoughtful gift! 

This beautiful Red Gum charcuterie board was engraved with a special family recipe. This is a perfect Mother's Day or birthday gift for any special person in your life! 

Red Gum charcuterie board with recipe laser engraved

Any design can be added to charcuterie or cutting boards. We can handmake the boards or engrave pre-made boards. 

bamboo boards engraved

Your business logo can be added to any wood board or sign! 

business logo on cutting board

This photo was provided by a customer to create a special gift for a family member.

picture on cutting board

A custom piece - Red Gum board in the shape of the state of Alabama

Alabama cutting board

Engraved flask

engraved flask

Another example of a custom project!

Louisiana and Alabama custom engraved cutting board